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I see plenty of women and a handful of men who are prescribed iron supplements for their anaemia or low iron status.

Did you know that anaemia is most of the time NOT an iron issue? Hundreds of people take iron because they are tired, ‘anaemic’, have low haemoglobin and so forth. However, if iron (and any other mineral for that matter) is not taken with other minerals then it can mean you get even more ‘anaemic or tired’. In other words, the underlying biochemical balance if further disturbed.

Taking iron supplements can make the ‘anaemia’ and symptoms associated with low iron worse. This happens because iron can increase the sodium levels, as iron stimulates the adrenals. These are your ‘fight or flight’ glands, that really should only be called for when you are literally in a ‘fight or flight’ situation. As the sodium goes up, the magnesium goes down. Now as the magnesium goes down then the calcium goes down. This is because magnesium and calcium are a duo, you upset one, then you upset the other. This is due to the body trying to maintain the Calcium: Magnesium ratio. Now it does not stop here, when calcium goes down then potassium goes up.

With all this happening, your individual oxidation state goes more into fast mode, which results in the body ‘burning up’ more nutrients especially protein. So protein is broken down rather than built up, not what you want if you have low iron. With protein breakdown, ammonia increases which also means the liver is getting a bit ‘stressed’ as it is being called to work ‘over time’.

As the oxidation state increases which is the metabolism, copper reduces as it is rapidly being used up.  …the roller coaster continues, because once copper goes down zinc goes down. These two are also duos (known as the copper: zinc ratio). Zinc is required for all manner of functions in the body especially proper functioning of the adrenal glands. So, although iron stimulates the adrenals, the domino effect of taking iron also results in the adrenals glands not getting enough zinc. So the adrenals get exhausted, due to the mineral roller coaster, you become more tired, slow, dizzy, light-headed, more laboured breathing etc.

So although iron was prescribed because you felt tired and found to be anaemic, this does not address the cause. You become even more tired over time. For the short term you may feel a ‘lift’ but in the long term, a whole host of other biochemical imbalances are created. These biochemical imbalances result is exhausted adrenals, over-worked liver and a tired and more anaemic you.

I cover minerals in my e-course and here is a video about the course where I cover these vital elements in depth in the course. Minerals are required for every biochemical process in your body. These magic minerals are misunderstood and sold in isolated form. One can pick up magnesium or calcium or selenium in isolation but this just creates a un-necessary domino effect that creates all manner of biochemical imbalances. I do not recommend any mineral or vitamin in isolation as every nutrient in the body is connected to another. The saying goes, ‘no man is an island’ well I would go as far as saying ‘no mineral is an island’ either. I recommend foods as well as homeobotannicals not only for the minerals but other aspects of what may show up in a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. 

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