Hi Everyone,

‘If sitting is the new smoking, then is sugar the new cocaine’. Everyone knows about the ill effects of sugar, it is well documented and most of the average school-aged child starts their day on this ‘high’.

‘Sugar has been described as being more dangerous than gunpowder’  by the WHO, in the global health observatory data repository 2012. If you want to read more on this you can order Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari here.

So let me share a little more about sugar…..but before I do have a look at the image…What does it make you feel, what do you see in this image?  STOP and have a look at the image first before you read on…….

This wonderful image of the elephants oozes love and security. It is like the parent elephant literally ‘has the baby elephant’s back’. The parent is her security, her comfort, her strength.

Homeopathically, the sugar remedy known as Saccharum Officinale which is made from sugar cane has many symptoms from wanting to be comforted, wanting strength, needing reassurance that someone has their back, someone loves them, that they are connected, there can be symptoms of jealousy, craving sweets, candida, leaky gut, attention seeking, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and so forth.

Dr Gabor Mate, author of ‘In the Realm Of Hungry Ghosts‘ talks about self-soothing. The need to self-soothe, so we feel at peace and dissolve the acute pain that instant. Self-soothing is about taking the pain away. Just watch a baby suck his/her thumb or be comforted by a cuddle, a kiss to be comforted for reassurance that they are absolutely safe. Self-soothing comes in all forms and Dr Gabor Mate mentions it can come in the form of addictions. What if that parent is not around or is stressed and cannot provide the ‘comfort’, security, connection? For more on this, I can highly recommend Dr Gabor Mate’s work and books. I even recommend one of his books in my e-courses.

In our culture, sugar has become a form of self-soothing. We self-soothe through our addictions but never quite get there, never quite manage to dissolve that pain.  Sugar is not just something physical that has to be ‘banned’ or taxed but is it not important to address the underlying issues with sugar? Just like smoking, an individual won’t just give up smoking because research shows it can kill, the underlying addiction needs to be understood and addressed.

In homeopathy, the sugar remedy is used for not only physical symptoms but also the emotional symptoms. It is a challenge for so many to cut out sugar, even to crowd out sugar with more nutrient-dense foods. Why is that? Is it just because people are lazy, ignorant, can’t be bothered? No. We are constantly hypnotised and ‘controlled’ by food companies to buy buy buy. Once you are in, it can take some work to get out but everyone can do it.

Homeopathically in clinic, I have used sugar for physical issues such as candida, leaky gut, diabetes, hypoglycemia, sugar cravings, fatty liver but more so for ADHD, lack of love, low self-esteem, bulimia and aggression.

Why are we addicted to this substance? Are we missing love? Are we craving attention? Are we hurting? Why are we so addicted to this substance? Are we missing love? Are we craving attention? Are we hurting?

My very first case of using this remedy was for a young lady who came with a diagnosis of candida, she had already done various tests that confirmed she indeed had candida.  She had removed sugar from her diet for some time and felt somewhat better but she could not clear her all of her symptoms especially the feelings of intense rage. She had all the signs of ‘diabetes’ the sweating, the cravings for sugar, she felt better after a sugar binge but later felt totally ‘comatosed’. Her emotional story was one of neglect, no support and had been diagnosed as ADHD at school. All these and more indicated the remedy Saccharum Officinale. No surprise it cleared up the majority of her symptoms including the rage.

Next time you are about to have sugar, just stop and ask ‘how am I feeling right now?’ Just try it and see what comes up. Try it… 🙂

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To health!