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Thanks for popping by, let me first share with you, why I have put this eGuide together for you.

Several people have asked me to turn this cleanse into a mini eGuide as they have been helped tremendously with this more integrated cleanse. They had previously tried various versions of a liver cleanse, or a liver gall bladder cleanse that involved copious amounts of apple juice which really does not make sense, as most people nowadays have blood sugar dys-regulation whether that is in the form of type 2 diabetes OR metabolic syndrome, think insulin resistance and hypoglycaemia. Also most people nowadays have fatty liver, so why add further stress on the body?

It has taken me a few years to ‘fine tune’ this cleanse and I have integrated it with homeopathic remedies, botanicals as well as the nutrition. THIS IS to not only ENHANCE the benefits of the cleanse, but also address the mind body connection. A true cleanse is a cleansing of the MIND as well as the BODY.

This cleanse is about moving some of the ‘blocks/debris/sludge’ in the drain pipes and hence in some cases the organs. The liver is one of the most ‘piped up’ organs in man. Most of my clients have ‘blocked up drain pipes’. Think of a bath with running dirty water, this water has to flow out of the drain and then THROUGH the drain pipes out into the sewer system.

When these drain pipes get blocked the whole system gets ‘backed up’. When this happens the DIRTY water starts to overflow out of the bath tub onto the floor, ruining the home, this can be flooding, damp, rotting, structural damage, mold etc In you and me this can look like:

  • indigestion such as SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)
  • skin issues
  • low energy
  • chemical sensitivities
  • pre-menstrual syndrome
  • diabetes type 2
  • allergies
  • infertility
  • arthritis

So this cleanse helps unblock those drain pipes, but also it nourishes them and fortifies them with the botanicals and homeopathy. When dealing with drain pipes, just unclogging them is not the long term answer, we want to ensure this does not happen again, so your nutrition is important, your environment is important, movement, sleep etc ALL count.

The liver has over 500 functions and ONLY one of those functions is to DETOX (cleanse). The gall bladder, one of the liver’s right hand support is incredibly mis-understood in that it is believed to be involved in fat digestion ONLY…but it has a plethora of functions too, not as much as the liver but don’t under-estimate the mighty power of this organ. It is vital in hormone metabolism, microbiome balance, activation of the thyroid hormone, balancing the pH, acid reflux to name the key ones. So keeping the gall bladder happy is pretty vital.

Once someone has their gall bladder removed all manner of health issues can follow, such as hypothyroidism, brain fag, osteoporosis, infertility, neuropathy, acid reflux, indigestion, SIBO, hormonal imbalances which actually can result in some women being advised to have a hysterectomy!

  • gall bladder removal is un-necessary in most cases.
  • I have seen women improve their hormonal health following this cleanse
  • acid reflux symptoms have abated in clients following this cleanse
  • other digestive symptoms e.g. indigestion have improved following this cleanse
  • if done BEFORE conception several times over a period of time, it prevents nausea, morning sickness, cholestasis in pregnancy. I use this cleanse as part of my pre-conception fertility programme
  • one of my most memorable cases is a University student who could not function during her periods due to the chronic bloating and excruciating pain, these symptoms completely cleared after several rounds of this cleanse

EVERYONE can do a ‘cleanse’ such as a food fast, or no sugar month, etc but these do not unblock these ‘pipes’ . We are exposed to toxins daily and the body also makes toxins too, and this cleanse can help usher these out and more.
You do not need to wait to have severe symptoms to benefit from this cleanse, if anything it is a great tool for the prevention of dis-ease.

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