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During this 30 day course,, you will be moving from a place of not just excitement about doing something for your health that will empower every cell in your body,  but something that will impact you until your last day on this precious planet. After all, what is more important than a healthy loving life full of strength and energy

This course will take you through the basics of the science of ‘feasting and fasting’. You will learn about food groups, how they impact, your weight, your heart, your mind, your energy, your strength in both body AND mind.

You will learn about the science of ‘autophagy’ and come to understand why the scientist who won the Noble prize for medicine in 2016 will have a mention in this course and how his discovery will impact your health.

Have a watch of the video and further details about this course are below as well as testimonies.

See you on the course.


What’s included and more

22 Videos

22 Texts

11 PDFs

500 hrs

Every weekday (22 videos over the 30 days), you will receive a video (between 10-15 minutes in length), not only to educate the grey matter on the ‘whys and whats’ of ‘feasting and fasting’, but also how to ‘feast and fast’ in such a way that it will take you to a level of health that will strengthen your mind as well as your body. You will start to notice improvement in your well being by week 2. Basically you hit the road running.

You will also be invited to join the private facebook group on the start of the course. You will be part of a group of men going through the same health and fitness journey. The facebook group is where you get more support from me on a daily basis. There is power in doing this as part of a community and the FB support is of immense value.

This course and my support in the private FB group runs for 30 days from the start of the course. You will then have a further 30-day access to all the videos if you need to catch up or re-watch the videos. There is a lot of great information and lots of learning going on, so you may just need that extra time.

Your makeup is like no other, so you will learn about your own biochemical individuality.  You will learn how to gauge into your body’s wisdom and start to understand your own body better. You will get those cells in your body vibrating at a healthy level so that you achieve optimal fitness.

I will be sharing about the hunger hormones, the haunting habits, as well as the standard popular myths about fats, cholesterol, energy, dementia, and carbohydrates and various DIEts.

On completing this course, you will feel healthier, more energised and you will no longer be a slave to fad DIEts , or the next energy drink, or exercise gimmicks. Why? because you will be empowered, enlightened and healthier.

You will be able to make decisions about your health choices with confidence backed with sound nutritional science.

I am looking forward to ‘meeting’ you

To health!


Terms and Conditions: Once the course has started there is no refund.

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