This tonic is blended to not only nourish the lungs but also to support immunity. The lungs take in toxins, such as bacteria, viruses and therefore play an important role in immunity. Some cells lining the airways have tiny little hair-like structures called cilia, which move the mucus along. BOTH cilia and mucus play vital a role in immunity. the lungs, in essence, excrete toxins as well as take in life-giving oxygen..

This blend contains botanicals such as thyme, elderflower, goldenseal and some botanicals to support the health of the mucus as well nourishing the lining of the airways, as our airways are open to ‘toxins’ daily.

I have also added support for the nervous system too, as remember the lungs can ‘overwork’ when we are in that ‘stress’ mode of fight and flight. No Lung tonic is complete with put a nervous system balancing remedy.