The Kidney Tonic is recommended not because you have a physical problem with the kidney but more an imbalance in the kidney system. The system involves the adrenals, blood, lymph, skin etc. Remember our whole system is ‘inter-connected’ .

In ancient medicine the kidney is considered the foundation for good health and vitality. Depending on your health and vitality I would suggest adding in this tonic if you have or are experiencing; water retention, edema, dizziness, vertigo, weak bones and teeth, hair loss, cold hands and feet, night time urination, anemia, ear issues. The kidneys are also the organ that ‘holds’ fear, so any anxiety or fear may weaken the kidney energy.

This tonic contains a combination of nutritive, physical and dynamic botanicals. These include dandelion root, buchu, bearberry, hawthorn, mistletoe to name a few.