Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat




Thank you for popping by and I am thrilled you want to know a bit more about my book! It is an UPDATED edition of my paperback that was first published in 2007. 12 years later, research vindicates the core principles of the book.  Sometimes science can take it’s time to catch up, but I can’t wait another 11 years to share more and neither should you. This ebook comes with a health warning: reading and applying it daily can seriously boost your health and wellbeing. So don’t say you were not ‘warned’.  And you may just want to get a copy for your doctor too 🙂

This book is for you, if you ….
1. Believe the myth, ‘you are what you eat’
2. Want health information that cuts through the minefield of conflicting advice
3. Want to improve your health without all the confusion
4. Want to understand why DIEts DO NOT work
5. Want to know about the smoking fire inside your body which is a huge part of chronic ill-health
6. Why diseases like type 2 diabetes are easily resolved but we are missing some simple vital information
7. Feel there should be a children’s nursery rhyme with the words ‘Low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, no fat, lots of fat are sitting on a wall and if one did work then we would all accidentally heal’…..
8. Do not like to read books, let alone books on health…you will be surprised
9. Take nutraceuticals/supplements …they may be leading you up the wrong path
10. Think you can exercise your way out of a ‘poor DIEt’
This book is not for you if you do not value your health and wellbeing.
I would love to be part of your ‘health and wellbeing journey’