I get asked this quite a bit, ‘do you do tests?, do you do the adrenal stress test?, do you do genetic testing?, do you do X, Y, Z …?’

Yes, tests can be recommended especially when all else has been done, and/or the test can provide more insight. BUT the focus is always YOU the individual, not a TEST. A test is not the first choice. If you want to start somewhere with me, I would suggest reading my ebook invest HERE  and doing my mini e-course purchase ‘Non-Fiction Nutrition’: Everything you ever wanted to know about the food on your plate. 

These cover the fundamental basics in nutrition, whether you are new to nutrition or an ‘oldie’. If you follow the advise provided in both the ebook and the e-course, you are onto a winner.  It will save you time from booking and paying for a session, get the fundamentals of nutrition into your life and home. You can avoid un-necessary chronic low lying inflammation, prevent diabetes, or even reverse insulin resistance, basically achieve and maintain health through getting informed and educated.

I suggest a HTMA if you want a more personalised nutrition plan. The HTMA does not just look at minerals or toxic elements, it gives insight into the ‘health’ of various organs, such as the thyroid, the adrenals, blood sugar regulation. AS I say to everyone, NONE of the tests diagnose, they provide insight into health patterns.  A qualified practitioner in nutrition will be able to analyse a test by looking at PATTERNS, not individual readings or levels. This also goes for blood tests. Any test analysed in a mechanistic way, without connecting the overall pattern is a test poorly understood.

I suggest homeopathy if you have a chronic health issue, or want to be the best you can be in your health and want to break ‘patterns’ such as re-occurring bronchitis, family history of PCOS or cancer etc. Homeopathy is energetic it is very different to nutritional therapy and is an amazing healing modality.

With some cases, further tests are helpful. This very much depends on EACH individual. These tests, include gut health test (looking at gut health, microbiome health etc. via a stool sample) , sex hormone tests, (this uses urine samples), adrenal health test (this uses saliva samples), DNA tests (this involves a blood spot). Again the DNA test is not only about looking at methylation issues, it is about looking at the WHOLE ‘interconnected-ness’ with other genetics such, detoxification,  metabolism of lipids etc. 

In truth there is virtually a test for everything BUT one does not require every test ‘going’ or any test. This involves the practitioner understanding your INDIVIDUAL health goals and your health history and what you have or have not already done to achieve your health goals, at times your health history is more than enough. 

I see clients who have had private tests done prior to booking a session and have spent over £1000s on tests, and then prescribed a stash load of supplements, and although there is nothing wrong with this and no judgement on anyone, sometimes this can just be overwhelming and not addressing the actual ‘root cause’.  Sometimes as soon as the supplements are stopped, symptoms return. 

This, in my opinion, is not achieving health and wellbeing, it is very much allopathic ‘nutritional medicine’, where supplements are replacing medications. In real HOLISTIC medicine the focus is always YOU, tests can play a part but they are just a part of the WHOLE. 

To health!