Definition of HEALING by one of my client’s after her first session …  

‘It is just beautiful, this is all very fascinating, healing is such a beautiful mess’

Now, it is not like this for everyone, but this is what it can look like, firstly how do you know you are healing?

In homeopathic terms, HEALING occurs from

– the top-down

– the inside-out

– from the return of old symptoms

It may sound all very cryptic…but I will explain it. 

Usually, when someone wants to heal, they want that ‘symptom’ ideally gone, in some cases it may be ‘pain management’ in other cases a complete healing and in for some it can come in the form of suppression.

Suppression occurs when the ‘dis-ease’ is misunderstood. For example, migraines that are medicated with medications such as beta-blockers or triptans. These medications do not address the cause but alleviate the symptoms. The migraines can get worse and/or stop BUT they will manifest in another form such as a stomach ulcer. The shape and form of the suppression manifestation is unique to each individual, unique to their biography and their story. 

The actual underlying ‘imbalance’ has been stifled and the body just finds another outlet. In homeopathy and RTT, the causal factor is addressed not suppressed.

So what does healing look like? It can look like …

1. From the TOP-DOWN

This is exactly ‘what it says on the bottle’. If you came for say for psoriasis but you are also anxious. If after a session you come back and your psoriasis is exactly the same, but the anxiety has cleared, that is HEALING. The healing is taking place from the top down.

2. From the INSIDE-OUT

This is an example of re-occurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) that clear and now the person has a couple of ‘unsightly warts’ on their skin. The kidney, ureter, bladder are more ‘vital’ organs, so a couple of warts are ‘safer’ compared to on-going UTIs which can result in severe pathology over time if constantly suppressed

Now if one decided to have those warts removed surgically or with some ‘liquid solution’ , the UTIs can come back and this is SUPPRESSION.


A typical example of this would be gout. Gout is very easily suppressed or managed with a plethora of medications which in HEALING terms is seen as suppression. Gout is even managed with ‘tart cherry juice’ and I have several clients who noticed that it worked for a while as well as some apple cider vinegar, but then comes a time when these ‘naturopathic’ approaches no longer work. This its due to the same reason, the underlying imbalance is not addressed, it is just being ‘propped up’ with the ‘natural scaffolding’.

In one of my clients his gout totally cleared up (he had what he called ‘gout attacks’ at least once a month) BUT within 4 months he experienced his childhood eczema. So this ‘return of old symptoms’ although may not seem like a ‘good thing’ for some, (this client was not bothered, he was so happy to have the gout gone) that he did not even see it necessary to address the eczema until it started to itch. And of no surprise, his childhood eczema was suppressed with steroid creams and anti-histamines. The gentleman’s vital force was strong enough to express this suppression in another form, aka GOUT.

All the above, from ‘top -down’, inside-out and the return of old symptoms are all signs that one is HEALING.  In fact the opposite is true, if there is an outside-in effect, or from down-top or new symptoms then the HEALING is hindered.

THE ONLY time I have found this not to be so clear, is when someone comes for a physical condition such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and they have homeopathic ‘treatment’ and they return feeling depressed. This may seem very much like suppression BUT when further investigated, the IBS is better and the ‘depression’ is an old symptom returning but at a different age, so it may ‘feel’ different.

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