Hello there,

We are having wall to wall sunshine here in England and it is just fantastic for us British folk to catch up on our Vitamin D. However, to get enough of this vitamin we need to get outdoors, it is not going to happen if we stay indoors or if we lather ourselves with sunblock that has more toxins than skin cancer itself.

So let me just get a few things clear …

  1. Vitamin D is made in our body by the presence of the UVB from that big star we call the sun.
  2. We require to be outdoors to expose our skin to this vital ray of life
  3. Vitamin D is actually made from cholesterol so if you are on cholesterol-lowering drugs then you may have just swapped ‘high cholesterol’ for poor bone health, or poor immunity, or even hormonal havoc
  4. To convert the cholesterol into the active form of Vitamin D we require a good healthy liver and good healthy kidneys.

So what are the benefits of Vitamin D? Well, the list is pretty endless as newer and newer biochemical processes are being discovered that involves Vitamin D. Some of these benefits are…..

  • Strong and healthy bones
  • Reduction of all manner of cardiovascular health issues from reducing heart disease, atherosclerosis, blood pressure
  • Reduction of strokes
  • Prevention of auto-immune conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, Grave’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Boosting various biochemical processes in the body as it improves DNA repair
  • Helps fight infections
  • Reduces the risk of cancer

So how can you manage to keep up that Vitamin D without all the confusion, well catch the rays, do not use sunblock that contains toxins that are cancer-causing themselves (have you ever wondered why there is an increase in skin cancer even though we are literally lathering ourselves with sunblock? …if not, then maybe it is worth a think). Eat plenty of vitamin D rich foods.

First and foremost get outside, wear sunblock creams that are free from chemicals such as the Wild Rose Moisturising SPF 30  that I recommend BUT also get those greens in you to increase your antioxidant levels, because no matter whether you have white or black skin the sun can create something called ‘oxidation’ (more of this in my new ebook that will be out pretty soon).

To health!


PSSSS……Did you know Vitamin D requires the minerals magnesium and boron and the vitamin, vitamin K to do what it needs to? ..have you ever looked at the ingredients of a vitamin D supplement? ..if not, have a look and you may be surprised.