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Sugar Is The New Cocaine

Hi Everyone, 'If sitting is the new smoking, then is sugar the new cocaine'. Everyone knows about the ill effects of sugar, it is well documented and most of the average school-aged child starts their day on this 'high'. 'Sugar has been described as being more dangerous than gunpowder'  by the WHO, in the global health observatory data repository 2012. If you want to read more on this you can order Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari here. So let me share a little more...

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It Is More Than The Fasting

Hi Everyone, I hope this blog finds you well. I am so ready for the Summer but Spring has had a slight change of plan here in England. Wherever you are in the world may the season find you enjoying good health. I wanted to share a little about 'feasting' which basically means feeding our body. In reality, we feed our body physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. ALL of these aspects are of absolute importance when it comes to wellbeing. One out of...

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The Copper & Iron Love Affair

Hi there, I am sharing a bit more on iron but more in relation to copper. If you know anyone who is told are anaemic or low in iron do share this blog with them, it may just save them from more serious health issues in the long term. I sat in the same lectures as doctor students during my university days and we are all taught that copper is required for the utilisation of iron. You only have to google iron utilisation and boom, you will find that copper and iron...

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Taking Iron Supplements or Anaemic?

Hi there, I see plenty of women and a handful of men who are prescribed iron supplements for their anaemia or low iron status. Did you know that anaemia is most of the time NOT an iron issue? Hundreds of people take iron because they are tired, 'anaemic', have low haemoglobin and so forth. However, if iron (and any other mineral for that matter) is not taken with other minerals then it can mean you get even more 'anaemic or tired'. In other words, the underlying...

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Hi there, It is pretty trendy to be doing some sort of a gut healing protocol, whatever your health issues. And this makes so much sense because if you are not digesting, absorbing and assimilating your food then dis-ease is bound to happen sometime or other. So there are lots of ways and protocols for healing the gut...from Elimination diets Bone broth Glutamine Essential Fatty Acids HCL for stomach acid Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Digestive enzymes Bile nutrients...

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Cortisol: Your Body’s Own Steroid

Hi there, I hope this blog finds you well. I was just thinking about auto-immune conditions and their origin after a client asked 'Are you saying the steroid I take for my rheumatoid arthritis is a stress hormone?' The answer is plain and simple 'YES'. Firstly, an auto-immune condition is a condition whereby the body 'attacks/turns' against itself. It sounds pretty harsh but it's what it is. Auto-immune conditions include conditions such as .... Psoriasis Multiple...

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Hi there, It is the month of March and up here in the Northern hemisphere we are waiting for some warmer weather.  Warmer weather means fewer layers of clothing and fewer layers of clothing means some of us becoming body conscious. Now if you are fat or overweight or obese AND HAPPY with your weight then read no more as this is not for you. However, if you are not and want to know more, then do read on.... I get asked, 'why am I fat?' when I eat well, or exercise,...

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To Inherit Or Not To Inherit?

Hi there, I want to introduce you to the term 'miasm'. This term/word was introduced to me in the first year of my homeopathic studies. I found it quite life-changing, as it allowed me to somewhat, understand my own health history, as well in some ways part of my life story. Miasm in very simple terms is an 'energy' that resides in man or animal which creates a predisposition to certain illnesses/diseases, i.e. the susceptibility to a disease. Does this sound...

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Is it like homeopathic probiotics?

Hi there, I wanted to share a few quick cases using what are known as bowel nosodes in homeopathy and as one client asked who is a nutritionist 'are they like homeopathic probiotics?' , I would go as far as saying 'well yes, why not?' because these remedies are made from bacteria that were isolated from the intestines of individuals. This was done well before probiotics came about. I think these amazing bowel nosodes are key for healing the gut, balancing the mind...

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2 plus 2 equals 5

Hi there, Don't worry, I am not here to shatter any maths beliefs or non-beliefs you may have. I just want to share the power of synergy. In other words 2+2 = 5, in relation to the power of combining the herbs/botanicals in the homeobotanical blends. I have integrated homeobotanicals not only into my e-course but into my practice extensively. These blends are synergistic which means 2+2 = 5. This is because the whole is greater than the parts. The wonder of these...

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Genes, SNPs, Supplements And Homeobotanicals

Hi Everyone, I hope this blog finds you well and that you find what you are looking for here today. So, I have been looking into homeobotanicals for sometime, and the last seminar totally nailed it for me. Why? Because, I am just so fed up with synthetic nutritional supplements, since when did food come in a pill that is not even identical to the nutrient in the real food? Right now, it is all about this gene and that gene and then more SNPs (Single Nucleotide...

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Fasting and Gallstones

Hi there, Today, I wanted to touch upon the concern about gallstones and fasting. The function of the gallbladder is well established and you may want to read my article on the Glorious Gallbladder. Professor Valter Longo, who is a professor in gerontology and biological science in the USA and the Director of The Longevity Institute has recently published his book called The Longevity Diet and it is well worth a read. Dr Jason Fung, a Canadian nephrologist and...

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The Deadly Amount

Hi there, As a nutritionist, I was taught the RDA, which is traditionally the Recommended Daily Amount, but I was taught it as the Recommended Deadly Amount, as it is not about optimal nutrients for the body but the minimum. The RDA is about the lowest levels that we require of a specific nutrient to AVOID disease. Now, that sounds more like surviving not thriving to me. I have to add, I totally like the idea of the RDA representing the Recommended Daily...

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Taking Supplements? Read This

Hi there, I wanted to ask you a few questions.... Do you take supplements? If so are they synthetic? Are they wholefood based? Homeobotannicals are basically herbs also known as botanicals that are made AND potentised. Without potentisation they would be classed as regular herbal tinctures and would be contra-indicated under various circumstances such as pregnancy or in babies and so forth. However, this is not the case with homeobotanicals. Potentisation of these...

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Dynamic Healing

Hi there, I hope this blog finds you well and that you enjoy learning about the dynamic nature of the homeobotanicals. Feel free to email me or give me a shout in my FB group or on insta with any questions or comments. If you have not read the first blog on homeobotanicals then before you read on, it may just be worth reading it here first, as it will help explain a little more. Today, I want to share about the dynamic nature of the homeobotanicals. So let me...

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Do Your Genes Dictate Your Health?

Hi everyone, I hope 2018 has started well for you and your loved ones. I usually look forward to spring at this time of the month in January, as winter tends to be a slight challenge for me. I am learning to embrace the cold and the dark but I need to work a little more on that one. This month there was an ‘alarming’ study published in the well recognized medical journal called ‘The Lancet’. Now this study has come as a big surprise to many traditional doctors and...

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Organ Drainage And Support

Hi there, I am sharing on the physical aspects of not only the homeobotanicals but also the importance of drainage and detoxification. At a cellular level, nutrition consists of two interdependent factors: Assimilation, which is the process of conveying to the cell all essential nutrients in a form able to be absorbed and used by that cell. Drainage or removing from each cell the waste products so that the process of assimilation is not impeded. The physical...

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The Glorious Gallbladder

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share on the gallbladder today. It is such a vital organ that before you decide to have it removed, let me share with you some of its vital roles in the body. The gallbladder is a small bag/sac just located under the liver and it STORES bile. When we eat, this bile storing organ releases it's content to help with digestion. What is BILE?  Bile is basically your detergent, it not only makes fat water soluble it does this by breaking down...

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Magic Minerals

Hi there, Today I wanted to share about the dynamic minerals also known as cell salts or tissue salts, so let me introduce you to the Dr responsible for these magic minerals. Dr. William H. Scheussler (1821-1898) of Germany discovered a system of restoring mineral balance in the body in a process he called biochemistry. Basically, he used the minerals naturally occurring in the body as his sole source of supplements. To render the minerals easily assimilable, he...

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An e-Course for a Life Changing 2018

Hi everyone, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! May it bring happiness, joy, love, peace and great health to you and all your loved ones. Before I continue, I just want to say I have two FB groups set up for men and women. These groups are for anyone interested in empowering their health (mind-body) on the science of nutrition and 'feasting and fasting'. So do come and join in...the image gives you an idea of the benefits of feasting and fasting and the...

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The Sugar Rush & Dopamine

Hi Readers,   Have you noticed it too? ....Everywhere I look at the moment there is a huge push towards getting the flu jab and a whole host of schools now providing the nasal flu vaccine (which, by the way was stopped in the USA as it was shown to be ineffective), BUT did not a large part of the world just intoxicate our children with sugar-laden junk on what is known as 'Halloween'? Sugar is a nutrient robber as well as a huge dopamine...

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