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Ladoos Do Not Mix With Insulin

Hi there, My first blog for the new year and I want to share on a subject that is close to my heart....having spent some time with family and friends over the festive period, much food was devoured and joyous times were had. Childhood memories triggered whilst drinking HOT HOT chai tea and devouring my mother's pakora (which are the best) as well as chatting with the 'aunties'. What I love, is the fact that many of my relatives especially aunties (have plenty of...

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I Am Dis-ease

Hi Readers, I want to share this today, as it is SO appropriate in my profession AND IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. Before you read on (and we are still trying to locate the author of this beautiful piece) ….pause and answer these questions in your head… Do you have a ‘dis-ease’? How do you see ‘dis-ease’? How do you experience the ‘dis-ease’? How do you ‘treat’ dis-ease? Have you thought about what your ‘dis-ease’ may be saying to you? How would your life be different...

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I Love The NHS

Hi there, Today I want to share my experience of the amazing NHS (National Health System). I LOVE THE NHS.  It has been quite a day and actually, you know that saying 'things come in 3s' well this has been a day of those 3s, so I decided to hibernate at home in case another one crept up on me to make it a 4! Today, I was called by my son's school notifying me that he had crushed his foot in the school electronic gates as they were opening and that he was in...

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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Hi there,  thank you for clicking in and wanting a read. Today I am sharing about a woman's journey. She has given me permission to share this but her journey is very similar to a lot of us women. Her healing journey also highlights the work of a practitioner who works not only with 'hardcore' science-based nutrition but also with energy medicine using homeopathy. Now this energy medicine could be in the form of acupuncture, massage, yoga, tai chi, each one...

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The Wonders Of Broth

Today I want to share about BROTH and specifically BONE broth. Why BONE broth because most of the research is done on bone broth. I am going to go into a bit more detail on broth and the importance of homemade broth because there seems to be some serious misinformation about this amazing nutrient-rich ‘ancestral food’. BONE broth has been a staple since our ancestors discovered fire. They would take the whole remains of the hunted animal, bone, the cartilage, the...

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Broth Recipe Ideas

Hi everyone,  If you have jumped into this blog, please read this one first THE WONDERS OF BROTH before reading on, trust me you will get more from the recipes. As requested and also something that seems to be a bit scarce on the internet are ideas for vegan broths AS WELL AS bone broths but consciously choosing the much-needed components of what makes healthy bones and more. I put a few recipes together but the emphasis is on ensuring you add some wholesome...

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Elderberry Syrup: Avoid Coughs & Colds

Hi Everyone, A treat of a recipe it is nearing towards the fall and winter season where you reside making this simple syrup may see you through a winter without the coughs and colds. INGREDIENTS: 100g DRIED ELDERBERRIES, 750ml WATER, HONEY, CHEESECLOTH (you can opt for fresh elderberries too). IT IS WAY MORE CHEAPER TO MAKE ELDERBERRY SYRUP THAN BUY IT READY MADE. THIS SYRUP HAS THE BENEFITS OF BOOSTING IMMUNITY AND HELP IN THE PREVENTION OF COLDS AND...

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I Am Not A Stalker

Hi there, As a practitioner of homeopathy AND nutrition I more often get clients who are very much into the Western medicine philosophy of health. By this I mean that the 'disease rules'. For example, someone comes in with irritable bowel syndrome and they will ask what nutrients are beneficial or what DIEt is good for IBS? So a typical session may start with lots of chat about the disease and possible links to various biochemical pathways or nutrient deficiencies...

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Hi there So recently, there has been an article going around on social media about probiotics and how they are not effective. And then the ripple effect is receiving emails from clients asking what do you think about this ‘article’? There is quite a bit of truth in probiotics being ‘useless’ . Now before you go all crazy…….read on… People have started to take probiotics like their daily coffee or afternoon tea. This is not what probiotics were originally...

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Back To School With Nutrition & Homeopathy

Welcome to the month of September! For some of us, it is that time of the year which can bring up all sorts of emotions and I am one of those parents. So to ease myself and you into this transition, I have posted a few blogs (on FB and Insta) on how to MINDFULLY  help your child(ren) transition into school/nursery/childminders. Remember, A THOUGHT leads to an emotional response that leads to a physical/physiological response. So it is very helpful to listen to...

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Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Hi Everyone, Just a quick blog on staying safe in this wonderful, glorious and totally amazing heat! Firstly, if you are not sweating like a pig in the English heat wave then maybe it is time to get a health check-up. Sweating or perspiring is important to keep cool. So anyone using antiperspirants is at a huge disadvantage, not only do they contain chemicals that can mess around with various biochemical processes in the body, these antiperspirants are there to...

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Go & Grab The Vitamin D

Hello there, We are having wall to wall sunshine here in England and it is just fantastic for us British folk to catch up on our Vitamin D. However, to get enough of this vitamin we need to get outdoors, it is not going to happen if we stay indoors or if we lather ourselves with sunblock that has more toxins than skin cancer itself. So let me just get a few things clear ... Vitamin D is made in our body by the presence of the UVB from that big star we call the...

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Measles Outbreak In Europe

Hi Everyone, It is that time of the year when you can get a surge of childhood illnesses and emails are sent out by schools warning us there has been a childhood disease outbreak. So for those who have been asking for a better understanding of how to support potential measles in your child, I have put together this blog on a more naturopathic approach to measles, Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider if in doubt. What is measles? It is a viral...

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Are You Fat Conscious?

Hi Everyone, I want to get straight to it today.  FAT, do you feel when you hear that word? If you feel fearful, anxious or doubtful over this word then read on. It is proven that FAT IS NOT the culprit, it does not 'clog' arteries, create heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, cancer, etc. Fat is a necessity, our brain is mainly fat, our cells are surrounded by a layer of fat, our hormones are made from fat especially the stress ones...

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20% Off Green And Clean NYR

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share the special 20% discount offer with Neal's Yard. You can shop here for some clean, green, ethical goodies, from moisturizers to after shaving creams, through to essential oils. In some parts of the hemisphere, the sun may be kissing your skin and your feet 'feeling the work', so don't forget to look after the largest external organ known as the skin. What you put on your skin goes into your body. My theme this month is FAT, if...

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Acquired DIEting Hyperactive Syndrome? (ADHS)

Hi there, Do you or someone you know suffer from ADHS, Acquired DIEting Hyperactive Syndrome..... Overwhelmed with ... What to eat and what to not eat? Which supplement to take and which DIEt to follow? Looking for the magic cure to your health issues? Confused by the conflicting advise on different online health groups? How to fast and how to not fast? Detox or not detox and how on earth to detox? To chelate or not to chelate? Fearful to come off your supplements...

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Homeopathy Still Does Not Work

Hi there, Welcome, to part 2 of  ‘Homeopathy Does Not Work’…if you did not get to read yesterday’s part 1, you can read it here.   I also want to share the movie MAGIC PILLS -promise or placebo  Try and watch it when you have time. Ultra-diluted medicine or nano-medicine is recognized scientifically, it is in essence homeopathy. So is it just a matter of the ‘language’ we use? When Samuel Hahnemann founded homeopathy in the 1790s there were no such scientific...

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Homeopathy Does Not Work

Hi there, It's homeopathy awareness what is it or what is it not? Homeopathy is for Tree-huggers Hippies The middle class Unscientific folk Planet-saving vegans There is no proof that homeopathy works if it did then there would be plenty of randomised double-blind placebo tests proving it to work. The gold standard tests that we use in clinical trials to prove and test the safety of a medical drug is the randomised double blind placebo test. Neither...

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POTS – They Said “There Is No Cure”

Hi, Just want to share this quick case on POTS….. In February, Amanda had completed my ‘fasting and feasting’ course. She had a variety of symptoms the main one being a very unpredictable autonomic nervous system (I share on this in my course BUT I will be sharing more on this system in my soon to start membership, as the autonomic nervous system controls all that we have ‘no control over’ and it can be pretty frightening when it goes slightly haywire). Amanda’s...

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What Has Strep To Do With Anxiety and OCD?

Hi there, I wanted to share a recent case after a client approached me through social media. She had read about PANDAS and strep throat and antibiotics and more than any mother should have to who has no medical background BUT she was not getting any help. Her 4,5yr old son had regressed into a boy with tics (blinking and at the same time 'twitching' his arm) OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) in that he HAD to have his shoes and socks on just right. The socks...

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Fancy A Change In Perception?

Hi there, We are all very familiar nowadays with the good and bad bacteria that live within us. We would not be alive if we did not have these microscopic 'organs' within us. Thank goodness for mother nature and all its is trying to catch up with mother nature but mother nature will always be light years ahead. I find it fascinating that research shows that there is like a dual motorway that runs from our gut to the brain AND from our brain to the...

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