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Homeobotanicals are herbal tinctures that have been succussed in the homeopathic sense. This makes them more gentle so they can be used during pregnancy and infancy as well as all other stages of life.

The beauty is that they are not TRADITIONALLY herbal medicine or homeopathic medicine, however, BOTH homeopathic and herbal medical principals are integrated to create these blends.  The original blends were put together by Dr. Brian Murray (ND, DO, PhD) in New Zealand to reduce the cost of the commercial herbal formulations, to make them more accessible to everyone. So if these blends were only available in herbal form without the homeopathic aspect, one blend such as the adrenal tonic could cost up to £80.00 instead of £19.

They are not traditionally herbal as they contain the lowest amount of the herb/botanical to achieve the botanical effect and they are not traditionally homeopathic as several botanicals/herbs are combined together and in traditional homeopathy only one remedy is given at a time.


These blends have four distinct actions in the body.

  1. Physical
  2. Nutritional
  3. Synergistic
  4. Dynamic

They create balance through ALL four actions in the body, NOURISHING the body, SUPPORTING the detox organs to DRAIN as well as RE-ENERGIZiNG at the same time. They are also dynamic and synergistic for good measure.

Each blend has been specifically put together to optimize the healing properties of the botanicals. I have further created my own blends by combining various different original formulations by Dr. Murray that I have seen to be most beneficial in clinical practice.

As you start to implement the cutting-edge information in my ebook, Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat And Other Naked Health Truths you will start to notice changes in your health. To enhance your health and vitality, it’s important to support and nourish these vital organs and hence your amazing body.

Toxins build up over the years which undermine our health as well as nutrient levels and using these blends helps reduce this stress on the body. Organs can become depleted with age and toxins increase within the body (more in my ebook) so these blends have been formulated to ensure this is not a roadblock on your health journey.

These blends will help you reach your health goals in a gentle, nourishing, empowering manner without having to resort to synthetic nutritional supplements or living in fear of various GENETIC MUTATIONS OR AS THEY ARE CALLED SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). These natural ‘energetic’ blends nudge your body’s innate healing wisdom to do the healing. Your body has the wisdom to heal it just needs the magical ingredients.

These blends do not contain anything synthetic or any neutraceuticals. They are plant-based and being dynamic they are safe to use during pregnancy and in babies as well as adults.

To vibrant health!

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