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Thank you for popping by, I think it is only fair to know who you will be working with especially when you are trusting someone with your health. Primarily, my mission is simple  “to help you live the fullest life you are capable of”.  I also believe “YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK AS WELL AS WHAT YOU EAT”. 

I run a practice integrating various modalities, as I am a fully qualified nutritional therapist, homeopath and Rapid Transformational Therapist. I am also the Principal of The New School Of Nutritional Medicine, you can check out the School HERE.

I have always been fascinated by the human body, which started with my sister having a rather nasty fall when I was only 5. I remember watching in horror the blood that just oozed out of her wound wondering whether she was going to bleed dry and if I would get the blame being the eldest (and I did get the blame). 

I was fascinated not only by the sciences, chemistry, and biology but by the human body. This fascination led me to a career in Cancer Research. I absolutely LOVED and ENJOYED my Uni days where I studied, for a BSc in Pharmacology and Biochemistry, MSc in Molecular Pathology and Toxicology and a Ph.D. in Cancer. However, I became more aware of Naturopathic Medicine during my Ph.D. days and at this time I was still popping pain killers for my migraines and Ayurvedic medicine had become a ‘childhood memory’. 

Due to various experiences and that ‘scientific hunger’, I could see the connections between the pharmacology of drugs, toxicity and cancer and our BELIEFS …and here I am today, offering THREE very powerful therapies:  Nutrition, Homeopathy and Rapid Transformational Therapy. If you want to know about my personal journey you can read more HERE

To find out more about each therapy, you can go to MY SERVICES page. 

Nutrition is about what you eat but also how you eat it, where you eat it and what your body does with the food. I also will use various tests such as Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, microbiome test via stool samples, NutrEval, DUTCH test if necessary. I am more naturopathic in my approach to nutrition, so avoiding synthetic nutritional supplements as much as possible but focusing on whole foods and potentised herbs such as HOMEOBOTANICALS

Homeopathy is a form of ultra-low dose medicine without side effects. It triggers the body’s innate healing. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a super hybrid therapy combining hypnotherapy with unique methods for permanent lasting change. It identifies and resolves deeply embedded blocks/beliefs requiring between 1-3 sessions. 

I was also the Co-Principal of the College of Integrated Nutrition & Homeopathy from 2018-2022. 

I am passionate about education in my field of ‘medicine’, that I drop some blogs on social media every now and then…feel free to go over and have a ‘nose’ on my facebook/instagram pages and of course my blogs on here and we have more health blogs at the www.newschoolofnutrition.com

Welcome…enjoy the website. 

All my adult education has been in the UK, and my MS in Human Clinical Nutrition was in the USA.  Nearing, the end of my PhD studies,  I discovered an influential medical doctor Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, who was treating cancer patients with the same cancer (pancreatic cancer that I studied during my PhD) but with results that were astounding. He was integrating nutrition and naturopathy into his clinical practice and of course I wanted to know more and ended up in the USA to shadow this amazing man and study Nutrition and Naturopathy. 

My first practice in 2001 was in Manhattan and then in London when my husband and I moved back. I set up practice in Harley Street, London and started to teach nutrition and naturopathy in various Nutrition Colleges. 

My first son bought me to homeopathy. In 2003, his eczema at the age of 6 months was cured with one homeopathic remedy that was given to him for BIRTH TRAUMA. I then went onto study this incredible science for the next 4 years and had my second son whilst studying homeopathy, running my practice and published my first paperback book ‘Fat Does Not Make You Fat’ in 2007. This book is NOW AVAILABLE as an E-BOOK HERE. A DECADE LATER, it is now general knowledge that ‘Fat Is Not The Culprit’, PHEW! 

I am absolutely fascinated with the MINDBODY connection and I have plenty of BLOGS on my website about this, so feel free to browse and read at your own leisure. To satisfy this fascination I continue to learn and integrate my ‘learnings’ into practice, so when you book with me, you will get the ‘best of what I can provide’. I blog regularly on social media as well as share my Monthly Health Scoops to my newsletter subscribers. I am an absolute believer in ‘knowledge is power’ and I do tend to share this knowledge too. 

I am setting up various e-courses and have my nutrition mini e-course all ready for you, so if you love learning about health, homeopathy and nutrition then sign up to my newsletters so you are in the loop as to what is happening here and when, next coming up in 2022 is my homeopathy @ home with Khush e-course. In these times knowing how to self prescribe homeopathy for ACUTE ailments is not only healing but empowering. Imagine being able to ‘cure’ a UTI, ear infection, chest infection, cold sore, headache etc. without reaching for the antibiotics or pain killers or anti-virals? 

I love integrating my scientific background with all that I offer and do, as a practitioner. My mission is simple: “to help you live the fullest life you are capable of”. 

I am blessed to say that I love what I do and do what I love.  


I look forward to being of service to you and yours 


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